What is Included when you rent from Chuckanut Westfalias

What is included in the price?

Incluso nel prezzo, Inclus dans le prix, Im Preis inbegriffen….in any language the question is the same. When you rent a van are there hidden costs? At Chuckanut Westfalias we include everything you need for a great outdoor experience at no extra charge. Here is the list:


Your Ride: Our vans are completely safety checked before every rental. We know these vans inside out and make sure that the upgraded suspensions, Audi brakes and oversize tires are in top shape. The van you rent from us is road trip proven. Both vans have new three point seat belts front and back and will be a pleasure to drive.

Your Meals on Wheels: Part of camping is keeping your food cold, dry and easy to access. Every van has a large high efficiency electric refrigerator. No ice chest to step over, no drippy blocks of ice, and no added charge! In fact, our refrigerators will keep your ice cream cold and make ice for your evening sundowner. We supply two plastic boxes to keep your food organized, dry and safe from those four-legged creatures that can make your life miserable in a camp ground. All plates, bowls, wine glasses, and quality cooking pans and utensils are included. At Chuckanut Westfalias we have a wealth of camping experience that we are happy to share with you. Great meals are possible in a Westfalia Van! Try some shrimp tacos and a little Spanish wine.

Your Creature Comforts: When you rent a Westfalia Van from us you do not need to bring anything but clothing, towels and sleeping bags. Is your van chilly in the morning? Just reach up, turn on the built in forced air furnace, start your coffee water and climb back under the covers. We supply you with clean dish towels and a supply of paper towels.


Your Outdoor Life: Your van rental comes with chairs for every member of your group, small foldable table and even a portable solar panel if you plan to stay in the same place for a week. If you like to cook outdoors we will send you with a small portable stove. Every van comes with an axe, small saw, shovel, fire starter and extra dish pan in case you find washing dishes outside easier. It is all-inclusive and at no extra charge.

The places you will go: We are your northwest camping source. We camp the sunshine coast of B.C., Banff/Jasper, Highway 20 and the North Cascades, the West Coast of Vancouver Island and of course the Olympics. We will help you with an itinerary and give you advice on reservations at no extra charge. We have many resources and they are at your disposal when you reserve one of our vans.

When you rent from Chuckanut Westfalias there are no extra charges….. Incluso nel prezzo? Tutto ciò di cui hai bisogno!

The sun is out! Lets go camping!

Bob and Maureen

Chuckanut Westfalias