Pick Up & Drop Off

  • We are located in Bellingham Washington just 45 minutes from the San Juan Island Ferry, 15 minutes from the North Cascades Highway and 30 minutes from the Canadian border. We can pick you up at the airport if you are flying into Bellingham.  If you fly into Seattle there are bus, train and plane options for getting here.  We have a secure place to store your parked car while you are on your vacation.
  • We have a very private room with separate entrance, private bath with coffee maker and small microwave that is available for $100 per night if you need a place to stay before or after your rental. The room comes with continental breakfast for two and is not included in your rental cost.  Let us know if you need to reserve the room.
  • When you pick up your van after 12:00 noon on the first day of your rental, we will spend about 45 minutes going over all of the systems of the van and signing the contracts provided by Outdoorsy. The van is due back before 1PM on the last day of your rental.  If these times do not work with your schedule please make arrangements well before your pick up date and we will try to accommodate your request.

Deposits, Cancellations & Refunds

  • The deposit, cancellation and refund policy is clearly outlined on the Outdoorsy site and you agree to the terms when you make your reservation deposit.

Mechanical Breakdowns

  • We spend a great deal of time and money making sure that the chance of mechanical breakdown is as low as possible.  Our rentals require an additional $15 per day for Coachnet 24/7 roadside insurance through our booking partner Outdoorsy.  This covers towing, flat repair and allows you access to mechanical assistance.  https://www.outdoorsy.co/dashboard/coach-net
  • If you experience a mechanical breakdown (not a flat tire) contact us by phone immediately and we will either offer a solution over the phone, travel to you to remedy the problem or give you the name of a reputable VW repair facility where you can have the vehicle towed. If the breakdown is catastrophic we will attempt to bring a replacement van to you.  If one is not available we will refund the rental fees for days not used. We are not financially responsible for your accommodation or transportation in the event of a breakdown.
  • If the mechanical breakdown is a result of negligence (running a van without water or oil), driving off the road into a ditch, getting stuck camping in an unimproved camp site then you are financially responsible for any towing or repairs associated with the breakdown. Chuckanut Westfalias is the sole determinant of negligence.
  • Adds for van rental are full of beautiful pictures of vans being parked or driven on sand beaches. Our vans have limited slip differentials and do not easily become stuck in sand but if they do, you are fully responsible for the towing and cleaning charges.

Loss Policy

  • Chuckanut Westfalias is not responsible for lodging costs or other costs resulting from a change in your vacation plans necessitated by mechanical breakdown.
  • Chuckanut Westfalias is not responsible for any loss, injury or damage to person or property resulting, but not limited to the vehicle rental.

Dogs & Cats

One thing that sets us apart from many other rental agencies is that we are pet friendly. This, however, comes with some important qualifications:

  • If you bring a pet, we will provide you with a rear seat cover that must be used at all times if your dog (like ours) will sleep on the rear seat while traveling or in camp. The $50 cleaning charge does not include funds to clean muddy dog paw prints off the upholstery and will result in additional charges.
  • If you are beach camping, wash and towel dry your dog before letting them return to the van. We will provide you with towels for your dog.
  • You may not leave your pet unattended in the van at any time. In addition to being against the law, dogs that experience anxiety can do a great deal of damage in a short amount of time.  That damage could negatively impact the next renter’s experience while we wait for a new seat or cushion to arrive from Denver.
  • Puppies chew! We know this from experience and a van trip is not the best environment to train a young dog.

We are happy to be finished with that! Now lets go camping!