Ready for Alaska!

June 4, 2017

We have been planning a Westy trip to Alaska for nearly 6 months. It started with an invitation sent to our friends Marijke and Kees from the Netherlands to come over and join us on this great adventure. Once they bought their tickets we knew that the race to prepare was on. Bob started preparing our very used (but new to us) Westfalia Honu with months of engine replacement, transmission replacement, suspension repair and general cleaning and maintenance. There was also some work to do on our other Westfalia Van Gogh but those items were mostly minor maintenance.


Meanwhile, Maureen began her list making. She has been planning meals, outfitting the vans for rental when we return next month and organizing all of the bedding. She watched nervously as Bob decided to tear into the rear brakes at the last minute two days ago. We are leaving tomorrow on our great adventure with friends who have never been camping. Follow us on this great adventure!


We are looking forward to this trip but also looking forward to our rental season starting July 1 after our return. All the best to our wonderful renters, we will be ready for your adventures!


Bob and Maureen

Chuckanut Westfalias