North/South/East/West Camping 2022

We have had some time to investigate some campgrounds this winter and spring.  Now that the Canadian Border is open there are many routes that have not been explored for a couple of years.  We have plenty of open spots for reservations and we are excited to help you with your vacation plans.  Our vans get 18-20mpg and every dollar of fuel price increase costs you 5cents per mile more.  Those gas price signs that we see every day make us worry but the increases are not ruining the summer of camping.  Oregon seems to have the cheapest gasoline.

We hope to see you this summer,

Bob and Maureen,Bailey,Scooter


North-The Canadian Border is open. They are randomly testing every seventh person crossing.  Unless you are one of the seven individuals crossing who are pulled out for testing, there is no testing requirement. They are serious about this threat and you need proof of your vaccination status to enter. No test is required unless requested and there is no charge for that requirement. The campgrounds in Tofino and the Wild West Coast are filling fast but there are many private and provincial campgrounds on the sunshine coast that are available. Consider camping in the gulf islands or into the BC interior. The drive from Bellingham toward Whistler to Pemberton and then over the pass to Liloet has many first come first served campgrounds and the experience can be one of a complete wilderness setting. A trip to Jasper/Banff or east to Pemberton makes a great loop via Canadian Highway 1.

South-We have really enjoyed exploring the forest service and Oregon State Parks campgrounds in the Bend/LaPine area. There is great camping in the Mt. Hood area to the South and campgrounds in Metolius River/Crooked River and LaPine area. Fly fishing the Crooked River or the Fall River in LaPine are great experiences that do not require a great deal of experience. There are many guides available with equipment at the fly shops in Bend. The State Park in LaPine has miles of walking and flat single track mountain biking. We have walked as much as 11 miles when camping there this winter and spring.

East-I recently returned from a fishing trip in East Glacier National Park. I drove to St Regis on my first day and found a great campsite on the Clark Fork River. Cascade Creek campground is no reservation and there is a great 5 mile hike to a waterfall that continues on to Muchwater Creek. The road noise dies down at night and it is a great campground. Muchwater is a forest service recreation site that has some beautiful sites right on the Clark Fork River. The only drawback is a train line across the river but it reminds me of life on Chuckanut Point. Once you get to West Glacier you will find many camp sites in the park that are still available. There are also many commercial campgrounds and in that same area you can hire guides for rafting or fly fishing.  You need to make reservations ahead to drive the going to the sun road and all of our vans are short enough to traverse that great road. We have traveled from St. Marys up to Waterton Lakes National Park in Canada and then continued on to Banff and Jasper on the Ice Fields Highway and back to Bellingham via Whistler. The possibilities are endless with our Contemporary vans and two weeks. There are more first come first served campgrounds in Canada than we have here in the states.

West-The Olympics are traditionally crowded in the summer but consider a trip to Stair Case campground on the East side of the Olympic Mountains. There is also great campground at Fort Flagler on Marrowstone Island on the east side. Most of the National Park Campgrounds on the West side like the one at Mora all require reservations but for the first time in two years Hobuck Beach Resort campground on the Makah reservation is open to camping. They have huge capacity and no reservations are required. The beach is among the most beautiful on the coast and they are very dog friendly.

Lets go camping!

Kind Regards,

Bob, Maureen, Bailey and Scooter