Mendenhall Lake Campground

June 12, 2017
We landed in Juneau and after quite a while were allowed to drive off the ferry (wouldn’t you know, they decided that they would keep our vans on the edge of the ferry deck to use as ballast.) Every time we were on the car deck with other drivers they asked about our vans, our rental business and ask for a card. We hear so many cool family stories about people driving these vans all over the U.S. and even Eastern Europe. Ourt vans have drawn so much interest and started many really nice conversations.

The rain finally found us so and settled into bed for more reading and early sleep. It could have been the rain or maybe the Gin and Tonics that made us ready for bed so early. We spent the day hiking around the base of the Mendenhall glacier and enjoying a great video on climate change. Tomorrow we are flying into Pack Creek to view the Grizzly bears. Only a 90% chance of rain tomorrow so we are thinking about bringing our bathing suits. Darn….will this rain ever stop?…oh wait….it just started. We went by Fred Meyer to stock up on umbrellas for our trip tomorrow in the float plane. The tide will be very low so we will put on our Tevas, roll up our pants and wade ashore to the viewing area.

Bob and Maureen
Chuckanut Westfalias