Late Ferry? Yup….4 hours late….

June 9, 2017
Laundry day, shower day, gear sort day and get ready to catch the 4:30 ferry to Juneau day. Bailey had two quite long walks to get him ready for three days and two nights of inactivity on the Alaska ferry. This should be interesting….we get to visit him a couple of times a day and we can take walks when we are in port. Waiting in the ferry line we met people from all over the country. Some were driving vans, others were pulling trailers but the most conspicuous are the people who drive 40 foot busses and pull Cadillac Escalades behind. We can’t imagine the cost of a trip like that because 15 feet of ferry space cost us over $400 from Prince Rupert and would have been over $1800 from Bellingham. They spend here months up here and then return to Florida, Utah or Arizona for the winter. The vans seem to be the center of attention in every parking lot. People told us of past family adventures in these vintage vans. Alaska must have been wall-to-wall Westfalia Vans in the 70s-90s. The ferry was 4 hours late so by the time we loaded we were all quite sick of waiting in line. The ferry crew did not keep us informed and we learned of a mechanical problem after we boarded.

Bob and Maureen
Chuckanut Westfalias