Ferry Fun!

June 10, 2017
Today was our first full day on the ferry. We made shorts stops at Wrangell, Petersburg, Kake and at 2AM at Sitka. We took Bailey off the boat at every stop and he forced us into walking for the half hour time that we could be ashore. When I took him off the boat in Sitka at 3AM Baily ran in circles for a long time. When I returned to the boat the purser asked me if we had seen the three bears in the field where he was running. The only bears on Sitka are Grizzlies…glad we did not meet any.
The weather has been cool and cloudy but thankfully no rain. We have seen whales, sea otters and dolphins all from the window in our room and the deck above. A trip on the Alaska ferry is not a cruise ship experience and that is what we like about it. For a small additional fee you can rent a “stateroom” with a window and a small bathroom with shower. The ferry is full of fishermen, tourists from the U.S.A., Canada and Europe. There were also plenty of 60+ year old men on the ferry who are so happy with the direction that our country is taking. They are getting their pictures taken with the flag and one man was wearing a shirt with the stars and stripes. It was interesting for us to hear them talk the glory of bringing back America. Hmm…..a diverse country we live in! The food is not expensive and if you don’t want to buy your food in the cafeteria you can still eat there with your own food. In all a great experience and being able to go to our little state room with a window view made it great for very little extra money.

Bob and Maureen
Chuckanut Westfalias