Vans in the Mud

June 8, 2017
The weather turned wet today and we made our trek in high winds, plenty of rain and after 6 hours of driving arrived at the RV “campground” in Prince Rupert. It is a necessary evil but we paid $30 for the worst campsite that we have ever visited. It was raining hard and there was mud everywhere! People had made fires directly on the parking pad and if you were clever, like us, you could have a used fire pit right in front of the door of your van. UGH! Everyone went to bed early and we read books, listened to the steady rain on the awning and roof and were very thankful that we have a great built in furnace to dry things out and keep us warm.

Prince George and Beyond

June 7,2017
After a day of 85 degree weather, road construction and more trucks than you could count, we finished up past Prince George at Beaumont Lake campground. It is a great, un-crowded campground with very few bugs and like all provincial parks $20 CDN per night. As soon as Bailey saw the lake he began to race around in circles and promptly dove in. He seemed so relieved to get some exercise after a long day in the car. We were up pretty early the next day to travel to Prince Rupert to catch the Ferry

The Road to Lac La Hache

June 6, 2017
The first day of a trip like this is always nerve wracking. Even though we have worked on the vans all winter, the first long trip of the season is always a mechanical worry….so far so good!
We had a great first day on the road. Kees has completely adjusted to driving a 30 year old Westy and things went very well despite the 88 degree heat. He loves driving Van Gogh and having a couple from Holland at the wheel of that van is very appropriate. They brought cups from the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam, a tea towel with an image of Vincent (before he removed his ear) and a post card that gives a different view of him when you change position. We proudly put that card on the side of the cabinet in the van.

The drive through the Frazier/Thompson River gorge was stunning. The Frazier was running hard with the spring melt and the steep sides of the gorge made us wonder how the whole thing doesn’t cave in and block the river flow. We finally stopped at Lac La Hache Provincial Park for the night. Bob bought a bug tent at REI as a last minute purchase. What a lifesaver! We think that La Hache is French for the big mosquito hatch! Even Bailey took refuge inside the tent. He had ten bugs on his nose at one point. We are in training for our camp near Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau. As we settled down to sleep and listened to the loons calling on the lake we realized what a great trip that this will be and how lucky we are to have two great vans for travel. There is no experience better than a camp in the woods next to a lake and made all of the work worth it.
Bob and Maureen
Chuckanut Westfalias

Ready for Alaska!

June 4, 2017

We have been planning a Westy trip to Alaska for nearly 6 months. It started with an invitation sent to our friends Marijke and Kees from the Netherlands to come over and join us on this great adventure. Once they bought their tickets we knew that the race to prepare was on. Bob started preparing our very used (but new to us) Westfalia Honu with months of engine replacement, transmission replacement, suspension repair and general cleaning and maintenance. There was also some work to do on our other Westfalia Van Gogh but those items were mostly minor maintenance.


Meanwhile, Maureen began her list making. She has been planning meals, outfitting the vans for rental when we return next month and organizing all of the bedding. She watched nervously as Bob decided to tear into the rear brakes at the last minute two days ago. We are leaving tomorrow on our great adventure with friends who have never been camping. Follow us on this great adventure!


We are looking forward to this trip but also looking forward to our rental season starting July 1 after our return. All the best to our wonderful renters, we will be ready for your adventures!


Bob and Maureen

Chuckanut Westfalias